We're helping Indians unlock the value of their gold so the gold they bought as a product of scarcity can bring abundance to their lives!

What do we do at Oro?

We are building products and services that can help create a financial system that is more inclusive. There are 3 primary tenets based on which we build our products – trust, access and pricing.

<aside> 🎖️ At Oro, we aspire to make gold in Indian households more valuable!


We ensure our products are simple and transparent, and build partnerships that embody trust. All of this, to provide convenience to the customer at cheapest possible costs.

Indians own 25,000 tonnes of gold, stored in their houses or bank lockers. Out of that, less than 1,500 tonnes contributes positively to India's GDP.

<aside> 🤯 Fun fact: 2,500 tonnes of gold is worth Rs.15 Lakh Crores (Rs.1,50,00,00,00,00,000).


Oro's mission is to help monetise the next 10%, or ~ 2,500 tonnes by leveraging technology, convenience and partnerships - boosting India's GDP by over 6%.

Who is building Oro?

We've made a conscious effort to put together people who come from diverse experiences, not just in terms of industries, but also in terms of the time they've spent in these industries. We've built businesses before, and we're super excited about what Oro can become!

The Team